Alpha program

Alpha program for users
On this page you can expect from the alpha program you will join:
  • The alpha version will replace the currently installed application on your phone.
  • New features in applications are in development. However, it may not work perfectly or may not be available to all users.
  • You can leave alpha programs at any time through the page you participate.

  • Ready to start testing?

    Our alpha test applications (beta participation must be provided first):

  • Quick Search Alpha
  • Mr. Safe Alpha
  • SoundWave Alpha

  • Alpha program participation stages:

  • Sign up for the alpha program of any of the above applications.
  • Open the Google Play app update screen and update our alpha apps you signed up for.
  • In case of alpha programs, please leave the beta programs with the links above.

  • We're listening.

    Share your experiences with us. We publish update notes. Thank you for participating in the tests for a better practice experience.

    * Due to the pre-release nature of the app, you must not re-distribute or otherwise make available the app unless we provide you with written permission to do so. Along with all the great new features available in this pre-release alpha version of the app, there may be bugs or other unexpected behavior. To fix bugs and make improvements, we may collect detailed information about your device and your use of the app, which could include unsent Application content in the device's memory. Any feedback we receive from you will be entirely voluntary on your part and may be used without obligation to you of any kind. In addition to our feedback group, we may also contact you to request more information about bugs or your experience using the app.